Baseus Quick To Take Cycling Holder 360° Adjustment Detachable Universal Motorcycle Bike Bicycle MTB Handlebar Mount Holder Stable & Anti-shake

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  • Quad Lock to Fast
    Remove and Attach
    Quick to take cycling Holder
  • Quad Lock against Dropping
    Quad lock in an X-shaped structure and high strength tensile springs firmly hold a phone.
  • Fast Remove and Attach
  • A new separated device allows you remove and attach a phone in one second.
  • Auto Lock
  • The separated device auto matches and locks
    into the fastener when connecting the mount to the base.
  • Double Mechanical Reinforcement
  • Tighten and press to double lock.
  • Do not Block the Screen and Buttons
  • It does not block the screen, and the reserved gaps for interfaces and buttons is user-friendly.
  • 360° Adjustment
    Adjust the angle with one hand and switch between a portrait or landscape screen for navigation. Four-Way Stretch
    High Compatibility
    Compatible with 4.7-6.7 inch phones.
  • An Anti-Slip Silica Gel Pad
    The pad can increase the friction to the handle-bar to prevent the mount from dropping.Detailed Protection Design
    TPU pads cover and protect the four corners of a phone.
  • Color Black
  • Applicable size 4.7-6.7 inch of phones
  • Applicable size
    Diameter 22 mm of handlebars

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