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Cordless design, small size, light and portable, easy to use.
The heating mode is quickly started when the machine is turned on, with low energy consumption and low loss. After the heating is completed, the glue is discharged with one button, and the glue stick with a diameter of 7mm is quickly melted.
The barrel of the gun adopts an extended heating element to help the glue gun quickly gather temperature and discharge glue in a short time
Innovative overflow glue back suction technology, stable glue output when pressing the key, and absorb the glue when returning the key. The return time is about 3s, which avoids accidental burns caused by glue overflow to the greatest extent.
Built-in high-quality PTC thermistor, smart heating element and anti-leakage fuse
The ergonomic trigger and handle design makes it comfortable to use for a long time.
The body is matte matte design, anti-dirty, scratch-resistant, non-slip and sweat-proof
Built-in high-power lithium battery, long working time.

It can be used for the cracking of adhesive articles, repairing cracks and degumming.
Can also be competent to fill glass, bonded ceramics, bonded metal and other construction operations.
Can also be used in family l-ife DIY handwork, such as agglutinate hair ornaments, toys, hooks, picture frames, decoration, wood crafts and more.

Name: EG1 electric power hot melt glue gun
Size: 152*117*20mm
Product net weight: 157g
Heating temperature: 150°C
Battery capacity: 2500mAh
Automatic shutdown: 3min
Rated voltage: 4VDC
Charging port: Tуpe-C
Glue stick specifications: 7mm

Packing list
1 * Glue machine
1 * USB data cable
8 * Glue stick


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