Duke Laser Rangefinder LS-P 40m High Precision Measurement Laser Range Finder Distance Meter Portable Small

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● Brand : Duka (Xiaomi ecochain brand)
● Product : LS-P 40M Laser Rangefinder
● Color : Grey
● Size : 86*22*11mm
● Weight : 28g
● Material : Aluminum Alloy + ABS
● Support 11 practical functions, such as area, volume, angle and other measurement.
● Reliable and precise measurement, reaching up to 1mm measurement accuracy and 0.2seconds measurement time thanks to the professional imported component.
● Durable Aluminum alloy shell, precise uni-body process, polished sandblasting technology.
● Up to 40 meters maximum distance measurement
● Built in 200mAh Li-Po battery and USB fast charging way
● 3,500 times measurement after fully charging.

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