Xiaomi Mijia Stainless Steel Nail Clippers With Anti-Splash Cover Trimmer Pedicure Care Nail Clipper Professional File Curve Nails Cutter

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  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Product : Stainless Steel Nails Cutter
  • Color : Grey
  • Material : PC + ABS
  • Size: 61.5 * 13.5 * 14.2mm
  • Anti splinter design accommodation casing 
  • Corundum sand surface with matte texture, anti-rust
  • Made from high-end 420 stainless steel, nail clipper is sharp and durable
  • Clippers are made up of superior quality stainless steel with sufficiently sharp blades
  • Sharpened stainless steel blades cut thick nails smoothly and easily , preventing nail splitting and the toenails
  • Specifically for trimming fingernails or toenails with optimum accuracy

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