Xiaomi Marsworker Impact Drill Cordless 12V Lithium Battery Charging Multi-Purpose 25NM Torque Portable Magnetic Electric Wall Drill Kit Set

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● Brand : Marsworker (xiaomi ecochain brand)
● Product : 12V Multi function impact drill
● Color : White
● Voltage: DC 12V
● Speed: 0-375/0-1400RPM
● Chuck size: 10MM
● Maximum torque: 25NM
● Torque adjustment: 18+1 torque adjustment
● Battery: 1.5AH 18650 lithium battery
● Charger: Input AC100-240V 50/60HZ 400MA
● Output DC 13.5V/800MA
● Size :190x62x190mm
● Weight: 1.035kg
● The maximum impact frequency is 21000 times/min, drill walls without pressure
● The maximum wall percussion drilling capacity is φ8MM, 15 percussion holes can be drilled per charge
● 19-speed torque adjustment, long working capacity, about 800 screws can be driven per charge
● 25NM high torque assist, the maximum drilling capacity can reach wood φ20mm, steel plate 10mm
● High-quality strong magnetic monolithic motor, dual oil-impregnated bearings at the front and rear ends
● High speed 180OORPM, matched with full powder metallurgy two-speed gearbox, to achieve high efficiency and large torque output
● Intelligent lithium battery management system, full hardware chip safety protection
● Monitor cell voltage, temperature, current, stop working when abnormal
● The strong magnetic area absorbs and accommodates the screws, bits, and drill bits to be used
● Stepless speed control switch, control at will, output speed. With brake function, realize rapid shutdown
● Pull the button forward and reverse to get forward rotation, lock switch and reverse rotation function
● Mechanical two-speed adjustment, low speed, high torque, large load occasions, greater strength. High speed, low torque, low load occasions, faster speed

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