Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet Board LCD Electronic Blackboard Handwriting Pad Graphics Board Kids Hand Writing Small Blackboard Writing Tablet with Pen Digital Drawing Electronic Imagine Pad

Size: 13.5 inch
Sale price$27.90


  • Xiaomi Mijia LCD Small Blackboard with Pen
  • - You could paint whenever you want, record the moment of inspiration
  • Pressure sensitive writing; Super clear handwriting; Magnetic absorption; Light and easy to carry.
  • - Customized LCD film formula, handwriting is clear
  • Xiaomi Mijia LCD small blackboard adopts customized liquid crystal film formula, blue-green handwriting, clear and eye-catching display, both the real writing experience of traditional paper and the smooth experience of LCD screen.
  • - Highly sensitive pressure sensing technology
  • Handwriting thickness changes with force.
  • - One button to clear low energy consumption, lasting battery life is more worry-free
  • A zero-power LCD screen consumes only a small amount of power when it is cleared. If you remove 100 times a day, a button battery can be used for 365 days.
  • - Ultra-light magnetic stylus for more comfortable storage
  • The weight of the pen is only 7g, and the whole machine adopts four neodymium iron boron magnets, which have strong adsorption capacity and long-lasting magnetic force.
  • - Ultra-thin body, easy to carry
  • The 7mm slim body is slim, light and portable, reducing the burden of travel.

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