360 S6 S7 S9 C50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Mopping Accessories

Size: S6
Sale price$12.90


  • Original 360 S6 S7 S9 C50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop
  • The ultra-wide mop uses ultra-fine fibers which is good to fit the floor, and barbed texture helps to effectively remove dust 300% efficient water lock supports dragging and drying meanwhile.
  • The mop would drag faster and cleaner than others Wet drag width of the ultra-wide mop reach 32cm in one effective mopping which achieves larger coverage area and faster drag Mops are suitable for all floor types.
  • It is beneficial to deep cleaning, which can effectively reduce the number of manual mopping It's best to replace your spare parts every 2 to3 months to keep your home robot operating at peak performance

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