Beideli 10pcs Baby Safety Thickened NBR Foam Transparent Clear Silicon Corner Edge Cushions Desk Table Corner Table Protector

Model: L-Shape
Sale price$7.90


  • Protect your baby from accidentally hit and severely injured when they are learning to walk.
  • With the included double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Anti-scratch and with good touch feeling, easy to clean and use.
  • Suitable for the corner, sharp edge or surface of your furniture, wall, cabinet, home appliance, etc.
  • Brand: Beideli
  • Material: Durable soft NBR foam rubber & Long Lasting Elasticity Silicon
  • Colour: Grey, Mint Green, Red, White, Blue, Lime Green, Yellow, Black, Pink, Beige, Wood & Maroon.
  • Shape: L-shape, Triangle, Small Sphere & Big Sphere

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