Beideli Baby Child Safety Lock Drawer Window Toilet Sliding Door Wardrobe Cabinet Lock For Kids Children Safety

Model: Dog Blue 4pcs Set
Sale price$7.90


  • This product can be used in refrigerators, cabinet doors and drawers, toilets and other places to prevent the baby from opening, ingesting or messing up the inside of the article to avoid accidents.
  • The use of tape connection makes the product more flexible and suitable for any the corner of the place, and will not scratch the furniture during use, the design is lively and lovely, does not hinder the beauty of the furniture, the family deserves to have it.
  • Please clean and dry the surface.
  • 24 hours before the first time you use the maximum adhesive.
  • When installing, do not touch the sticker or double use, otherwise it will make the sticker weaker.
  • Customers Say: "These locks are great! So easy to install! Love that I don't have to drill into my cabinets yet can have the security I need that my baby will not get into things she shouldn't."
  • Gone are the days of drilling into cabinets. With TAPE adhesive tape, the installation for each lock takes less than three minutes, and requires no tools, eliminating the need for a handyman or even a drill.
  • Rest assured that the dangers within your cabinets are off-limits to children, allowing you to have peace of mind while your children explore your home.
  • Discover that with our innovative lock design, you can rest assured that these locks can fit any cabinet style.


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