GXM D3 Video Doorbell Camera 2-Way Conversation Cordless and Wired Powered 140° Super Wide Angle 3m Sticker Waterproof 5200mAh Rechargeable Battery

Capacity: 0GB
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  • ⭐️ GXM Smart Doorbell Camera D3
  • Long gone are the days of finding your parcel or food delivery missing.
  • The GXM D3 Video Doorbell shall act as a deterrence and record any misdeeds that occur.
  • Equipped with MOTION DETECTION, it will send a notification to the user's smartphone once triggered.
  • High-definition 2K 2304x1296 resolution video recording capabilities, allowing homeowners to monitor and capture clear footage of their doorstep.
  • 🔶【Two-way Audio Communication】 Communicate with visitors / couriers remotely. Providing a safe method of interaction.
  • 🔶【Voice Changer】 Alter the voice from female to male, vice versa. A safety precaution when at home.
  • 🔶【Motion Detection】 Real-time alerts are sent to user's smartphone. Responding promptly with visitors or unwanted guests.
  • 🔶【Pre-recorded Messages】 Reply with a simple tap on the chosen pre-recorded voice message.
  • 🔶【Multiple Security Protection】 Tamper alarm / Cloud recording / Exclusive binding with a unique account.
  • 🔶【Easy Installation】 Install doorbell with provided 3M sticker plate or screws.
  • 🔶【Indoor Chime】 A variety of ringtones to choose from.
  • 🔶【IP66 Waterproof】 Suitable for outdoor weather conditions.
  • 🔶【120 Days Battery Life】 Say goodbye to interruptions and focus on what matters most – the security of your home.
  • ⭐️【Multiple Camera Monitoring】 Keep a watchful eye on up to 16 feeds simultaneously via Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone
  • - Product Name: GXM D3 Video Doorbell Camera
  • - Dimension: 50mm(w) x 140mm(h) x 35mm(d)
  • - Resolution: 2K (2304 x 1296)
  • - Field of View: 140° Horizontal
  • - Connectivity: 2.4GHz
  • - Audio: Two-way Communication
  • - Storage: Cloud / TF Card (Cloud Storage requires subscription fee)
  • - Battery: 5200mAh (Rechargeable lithium battery, Up to 120 days)
  • - Weight: 228g
  • - Color: Space Grey
  • - 1x Video Doorbell Camera
  • - 1x Base Station
  • - 1x 0.5m Cable
  • - 1x Screw Kits & Screwdriver
  • - 1x Manual (English)
  • - 1x Extension Wires & Wire Nuts
  • 【Common Q&A】 (Installation Guide Link)
  • ⭐️Q1) Does it require WIFI?
  • A1) Yes, it requires 2.4GHz WIFI. 5Ghz WIFI / Mobile data is not compatible. For user who faces 'Unknown ID' issue on WIFI page, please turn on 'Location' and refresh the page to select WIFI.
  • ⭐️Q2) Does it record 24/7?
  • A2) Recording is only done when motion is detected (Energy saving for long term usage). Changing Power-Supply Method from 'Battery' to 'Power Supply' will allow the 24/7 recording option to be turned on. Power Supply refers to connecting it with a cable like a CCTV.
  • ⭐️Q3) Can the camera last 120 days?
  • A3) Yes, it is able to last up to 120 days. If it is installed in high traffic area such as living room, battery consumption will be very high. This will reduce the 120 days duration to 30 days or lesser depending on the traffic.


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