GXM 4th Gen Premium Screen Protector Auto-Alignment Kit For iPhone 15 14 13 12 Pro Max Tempered Glass Easy-installation Privacy Full Coverage Anti-fingerprints Oil Free Coating Dust Free Finishing Durable Impact Resistant Scratch-resistant

Package: Auto-Alignment Kit
Material: Privacy
Model: 15 Pro
Sale price$10.90


  • 【Please Note!Auto Kit comes with 1x Auto-Alignment Kit + 1 x screen protector. First time customers, please select Auto Kit.
  • 【Please Note!Auto-Alignment Kit can be reused. Repeat customers, please select refill pack (1x screen protector)
  • 【Please Note!Auto Kit options are designed for different phone models, please do not mix. Example: "12 Pro Max Auto-Alignment Kit cannot be used with 14 Pro Max screen protector"
  • Brand - GXM
  • Option - Auto-Alignment Kit / Refill Pack
  • Compatible with iPhone 14 series, 13 series & 12 series
  • Easy and Fuss-Free Installation without any expert experience needed
  • Full Coverage - Covers the entirety of your viewable display.
  • Anti-fingerprints Coating - Clean and Smooth
  • Strong Oleophobic Coating - Minimizes oil stains and Smudges
  • Thicker and Stronger - Engineered for a higher degree of impact protection.
  • Good Responsiveness - Sensitive Touch / Operate
  • Oil-free and High Definition - Enjoy the original screen. You can operate smoothly on the screen without any discomfort.
  • Crystal Clear - Extreme clarity preserves the original screen brightness





  • 【Please Note!】Auto Kit comes with 1x Auto-Alignment Kit + 1 x screen protector. First time customers, please select Auto Kit.
  • 【Please Note!】Auto-Alignment Kit can be reused. Repeat customers, please select refill pack (1x screen protector)
  • 【Please Note!】Auto Kit options are designed for different phone models, please do not mix. Example: "12 Pro Max Auto-Alignment Kit cannot be used with 14 Pro Max screen protector"
  • Brand - GXM
  • Option - Auto-Alignment Kit / Refill Pack
  • Compatible with iPhone 14 series, 13 series & 12 series
  • Easy and Fuss-Free Installation without any expert experience needed
  • Full Coverage - Covers the entirety of your viewable display.
  • Anti-fingerprints Coating - Clean and Smooth
  • Strong Oleophobic Coating - Minimizes oil stains and Smudges
  • Thicker and Stronger - Engineered for a higher degree of impact protection.
  • Good Responsiveness - Sensitive Touch / Operate
  • Oil-free and High Definition - Enjoy the original screen. You can operate smoothly on the screen without any discomfort.
  • Crystal Clear - Extreme clarity preserves the original screen brightness



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